Living with Hemophilia B?

See If You Qualify

Living with Hemophilia B?

See if you qualify

Doctors are studying an investigational therapy named SB-FIX which is based on in vivo genome editing, a type of targeted gene therapy. SB-FIX was designed with the goal of providing a lasting treatment for adults with severe hemophilia B.

The FIXtendz study will test SB-FIX to see if it’s safe and tolerable, and determine whether or not it is effective at enabling your body to produce Factor IX (FIX) protein on its own to improve blood clotting. Please have a look around the site for more information about this study and in vivo genome editing.

You may qualify for the FIXtendz clinical research study if you:

  • Are a male at least 18 years old
  • Have severe hemophilia B and are currently free of inhibitor
  • Have no history of an allergic reaction to Factor IX (FIX) products

People who qualify will receive:

  • Investigational in vivo genome editing product (SB-FIX) for hemophilia B
  • Study-related medical care
  • Reimbursement for travel (Transportation assistance may be available)

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